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Exchanging Your Money
Where, When & Why.

It's a misconception that it don't matter where and when you change your money up, firstly different company's give different rates, Normally the worst rates are at Airports, Docks and any other tourist outlets, so always buy before you go on holiday, Some Banks will give better rates then airports, your most important thing is to always check the exchange rates as these change dally so its best to start looking some weeks or months before flying off. A good exchange rate will enhance your takings so quickly check the rate before withdrawing your money (see Currency Exchange tools below).

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Two Exchange Rates

There are two main exchange rates, Commercial and Tourist Rates, Commercial Rate is what the banks normally trade at, but if you exchange a large amount of money above say £5000 then you should start asking for a Commercial rate (see exchange tips-left) which will be above the tourist rate. Tourist Rate In a nut shell it's the worst rate, if you work in a large factory / office with lots of staff, Try and do a deal with the local exchange shop/bank talk to the manager and suggest that you could inform your colleges of his services if he could give a small discount to every one working there, most can give a bit extra without any trouble.

Exchange Tips

Please note:
You won't ever achieve the true commercial rate because this is what the banks exchange at.
The ART is to get as close to this as possible.

Quick Tip: Sometime it pays NOT to change up money amounts in round numbers ie. £5,000 - £10,000 - £15,000  the reason behind this is many company's & organizations arrange they books etc. in an orderly fashion, hence bonus tables can sometimes follow a set pattern, £0 to £5,000 ­ £5,001 to £10,000 ­ £10,001 to £15,000 So exchange amounts like £5,300 ­ £10,200 ­ etc. etc. will push you in to the next level, and remember the more money you exchange, the better the rate.

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